Frequently Asked Questions

Queries regarding Testing Process

Any internet enabled mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop is sufficient. For seamless test experience, we recommend any device which has at least a 4.5 inch wide color screen.

We recommend using a 3G or 4G internet connection for an uninterrupted test experience.

For a seamless test experience, please ensure that your have a stable Internet connection.

However, if your Internet breaks for a very short duration, it will not affect your test. User Internet connectivity can only be controlled by users themselves.

Every user can access only his / her data on ieb Portal.

Please note that ieB does not create any user credentials in its system and in turn use Gmail id for registration . ieB does not store / maintain any details pertaining to user passwords and hence leakage of user login credentials from ieB system is not possible.

Technical Queries

ieB website is compatible with most of the modern browsers EXCEPT for Opera Mini.

To get best user experience use latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.

Please note that cookies and javascript should be enabled in your browser for proper working of login and quiz functionalities.

Queries regarding User Account Management

Google has a robust and a secure user account management process. Using Gmail as your registration id for ieB portal makes accessing extremely easy and safe.

Also, there is at least one less login id and password to be remembered by users. You will certainly appreciate us for this.

However, we do understand that there would be many users who may not possess a Google account (Gmail id) and hence, may find it difficult to register. To all such users we highly encourage them to create a gmail account and use the same for registration on ieB. It takes only 10 minutes and it's FREE!!.

As part of your registration on ieB portal through your Google account, we only save your name and email which are shared with us by Google.

We would like to emphasize that we do not save any user passwords in our system and user account security is managed directly between the users and Google.

In future, if any additional data is required, ieB will take it directly from the users along with their necessary consent.

Please be aware that ieB is very sensitive to the importance of maintaining user data confidentiality, and has been clearly stated in our Data Privacy Policy. Please refer to the footer section of the home page for accessing the same.

Please note that ieB account can be accessed by logging in to your Google account and there are no separate login credentials for your ieB account. Therefore, first of all check whether you are able to access your Gmail account or not. If you face any challenges, then please follow the password recovery mechanism of Google.

ieB has not control over Google's password retrieval mechanism.

Kindly note that if you are able to log into your Google account then you can also login to your ieB account.

However, if your Google account is working and ieB is still not working, then please get in touch with us on and mention "Login problem" in your mail subject. We will assume that you have already checked you Google account and it is working fine.