About ieB

….Can we make efforts of UPSC exam aspirants more effective? ….

This question has been the primary driving force behind IAS Exam Buddy (ieB).

Having undergone the same pain many years ago, basic idea behind ieB has been to provide self study tools which, like a true buddy, support every student in his/her journey of civil services exam preparation. Driven by this agenda, IEB constantly creates new and innovative tools that enable at-home preparation at a fraction of cost.

In today’s time when study material is available in abundance, students can easily prepare for exam within their home itself and still be connected to the world via digital media and gadgets. Digital tools make geographical boundaries irrelevant and bring students from the interior parts of the country at the same level. IEB is committed to unlock this potential of online tools; specifically in preparation of civil services exam.

As a student, all you need is determination and passion for this exam and IEB will be your true buddy in this journey.

Our aspiration

Enable aspirants to prepare for IAS Exams more effectively within the comfort of their home and utilize their time more efficiently.

Management Team

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Ankush Gandhi


An alumnus of IIT Delhi, Ankush holds work experience of over 15 years in business research, consulting and competitive exam coaching domain. Ankush is extremely passionate about learning new technologies and localize their implementation as per the end user. He aspires to make education delivery more effective through user friendly use of data analytics.

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Mukul Jain


An alumnus of IBS Ahmedabad, Mukul holds diverse work experience of over 10 years ranging from strategy consulting to onground operations in retail and education domain. Along with his love for music, Mukul is very passionate about using assessments as a tool for delivering learning-outcome based education by leveraging data analytics.